“Someday, someone is going to realize what an absolutely phenomenal player Bob Andrews is. He's the best I've ever produced.”  
- Martin Rushant, producer of Generation X (debut album) 

“Derwood Andrews, he of Generation X, Empire, Westworld and Moondogg to name a few bands, has been living on Yucca Mesa for almost two decades. From the early days of punk, Derwood emerged as one of the best guitar players and songwriters from a genre that called out rock’n’roll and saved it from boring itself to death.” 
- Henry Rollins 

“One of the best records ever made.....for real.” (Empire, Expensive Sound) 
-Duff McKagan 

“Derwood was one of the great punk musicians and he deserves wider recognition for that.”  
- Billy Idol 

“Expensive Sound is a deeply personal take on punk, turning the shout of punk into an intimate bedroom murmur; it presents a series of deep confessions over hushed riffs and loaded spaces, and it is like no other album of it’s time.  On one hand, it summons the bittersweet sepia whispers of the Go Betweens or Big Star, on the other hand it anticipates the highly personal riff, rip, and confess style of Nirvana (it is highly speculated that Kurt Cobain was greatly influenced by Empire.)”  
- Tim Sommer, former MTV VJ and journalist 

“Deeply modern, deeply old, this is a motherfucker resonator of an album.  Tone Poet, Vol. II is full of songs that are so lightly but perfectly sketched they feel almost as if Andrews just transcribed them out of the desert air; this is complimented by a Lanois-esqe attention to depth of sound that is absolutely mega-sensuous, like a cactus milkshake poured slowly over a crossroads where the devil and the hi-def meet.  The landscape is completed by a frisson of ultra-simple synths effectively swooping in every now and then and occasionally goosing the rhythm.  Unlike the more tightly-wound, Beck-esque Tone Poet, Vol. I, Vol. II is pure Ry Cooder-in-a-planetarium National Guitar opium blues; in fact, if you ever wished that Ry Cooder, Chris Whitley, and Daniel Lanois made an album together while chewing on about a dozen Benadryl, then this is the album for you.” 
- Tim Sommer

12.10.21 - Derwood Andrews is the very special guest on Rupert Orton's Pink Lemonade Totally Wired Radio. Rupert throws the spotlight on Derwood’s hugely influential but relatively unknown post Generation X band EMPIRE.  

Derwood also picks a bunch of tunes that have a made an impact on him and speaks candidly about auditioning for Generation X & his subsequent departure, having to choose between being a Speedway champion or a rockstar at 16, achieving pop success in Westworld, his current project Tone Poet and lots more. 

LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE: Pink Lemonade featuring guest Derwood Andrews