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12.10.21 - Derwood Andrews is the very special guest on Rupert Orton's Pink Lemonade Totally Wired Radio. Rupert throws the spotlight on Derwood’s hugely influential but relatively unknown post Generation X band EMPIRE. 

Derwood also picks a bunch of tunes that have a made an impact on him and speaks candidly about auditioning for Generation X & his subsequent departure , having to choose between being a Speedway champion or a rockstar at 16 , achieving pop success in Westworld , his current project Tone Poet and lots more.

LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE: Pink Lemonade featuring guest Derwood Andrews


09.25.21 - Tonight, 10pm LA time, on Henry Rollins (show number 652) is playing the entire Empire album Expensive Sound. An honour usually bestowed upon someone who just died! Tune in...